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[Discuss] raid issues

On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 8:01 AM, Jerry Feldman <gaf at> wrote:
> "Nothing is a substitute for backups."
> I just want to reiterate this, hardware fails. If properly managed you may be able to identify the failure before any damage is done. And, a viable offsite backup mitigates things like a house fire.But, in any case, backups are a last resort, but tried and true.

Even "offsite" may not be good enough if you are trying to protect
against malicious parties.    If you are using a cloud based backup
system which lets you manage your backups over the network, you could
lose everything if someone manages to
get access to the management console for the backup system.
Apparently that is what happened to Code Spaces this
past week:

Actual media that you can take physically offline may still have merit.

Bill Bogstad

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