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[Discuss] wiki suggestion?

On 07/31/2014 10:50 PM, John Abreau wrote:
> Wikipedia is based on mediawiki, which I haven't used myself, but I
> understand it's generally a good choice.
> I've used foswiki in the past, back before it forked off from twiki, and if
> I were setting up a new wiki, I'd go with foswiki.

I'm a very heavy user and strong believer in Foswiki.  It's extremely
powerful and has hundreds of great plugins (including integrating with
other systems).  I do all sorts of crazy things with it.  The Dev team
is very active and very accessible on IRC.

My original attraction to Foswiki was the fact that it has very powerful
user/group/permissions system.  Most wikis are still on the "information
wants to be free" train which makes them wholly unusable in the real
world where script kiddies destroy your site because they can.  I used
MediaWIki for one project and it is not designed like that.  It's very
hard to lock down, and script kiddies put porn links all over the site.

Foswiki also has the ability to attach forms and metadata to wiki pages
and do things based on it.  That lets you create database-like
applications.  For instance, for Agile New England (which I'm also on
the Board of) we use it to track our monthly meeting information.  The
Speaker team will click a button to create a new Event page, and fill in
the speaker, topic, bio, attach pictures, etc.  When they save it it
automatically ends up on the list of upcoming meetings.  Then my IS
group will get notified and we will create the content on the website
from that.  Registration and other teams also use it.  After the even is
over, we change the "Status" field on the page to "Past Event" and then
it automatically gets removed from the upcoming meetings list and put on
the past meetings list.

What are your requirements for the ticketing system?

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