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[Discuss] Verizon blacklisted me

On 8/7/2014 14:43, Daniel Barrett wrote:
> On 8/6/2014 4:31 PM, Don Levey wrote:
>> Changing your IP address wouldn't make that difference unless the
>> Verizon smtp server was using one of those blacklists for *outgoing*
>> mail. 
> Well, the mail is "incoming" from me to If
> uses Spamhaus to block incoming email, that would
> account for my problem.
Well, yes, in that sense it is incoming, but I am looking at it in a
broader sense: Both you and the server are internal to the Verizon
network, and you are sending mail to the outside world.  My home network
is set up so that the local machines can connect to my local server,
which sends email out.  While technically those connections are
"incoming" to my mail server, I am considering that "outgoing" from the
perspective of my network.  As I recall, I have my server (sendmail, in
case it matters) configured so that it checks the blacklists for
*incoming* mail only.  It would seem odd to me that Verizon would
purposely cut off segments of their own network from sending mail
because their addresses are dynamic; of *course* they're dynamic, but
they know who those hosts are: they are Verizon customers, so they
should be OK*.

* Yes, I know that their network is made up of a large number of
segments, some of which have been grafted on with varying degrees of
care or consistency of policy. The more segmented it is, the less
problem it should be, because if you're sending to the mail server in
your segment it would (presumably) not block that segment's addresses
even if it blocked others.  If they are truly blocking email based upon
dynamic addresses I would expect whole hordes of people to be up in arms
complaining about it.  If that isn't happening, the block would most
likely be of finer grain.

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