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[Discuss] Wireless devices, 2 Wireless Routers, local network. DD-WRT

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 8:38 AM, <markw at> wrote:

> Here's the scenario:
> I like to go camping and often times they provide wireless access, but the
> camp site is often pretty far away from the wireless access point. I have
> a long distance wireless-G router with a high gain antenna. I have a
> second wireless-N router. Both routers are running DD-WRT.
> I should be able to connect to the camp ground's wireless with the high
> gain antenna using the Wireless-G router with a DHCP assign IP address. I
> should then be able to NAT to my own local subnet and be able to connect
> the Wireless-N to my local subnet and provide access to phones, tablets,
> and laptops.

Are the wireless-G and the wireless-N routers going to be relatively close
to each other?   Is so, you could run an Ethernet cable from a LAN port of
the G router
to the WAN port of the N router.   Yes, you would be running a double NATed
configuration.  I've been running that way for over a year now
because I didn't like the signal strength phone/Internet router that
Comcast provided and it has worked well enough that I haven't gotten
around to getting them to put their equipment in bridge rather then NAT
For your local wireless devices, it would be best to make sure that your N
is running on non-overlappings channels from whatever the camp's G network
is using.

The above presupposes that you can get your wireless-G router to actually
wirelessly to the camp's network.   I don't use DD-WRT so I can't comment
on that.

Bill Bogstad

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