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[Discuss] Wireless devices, 2 Wireless Routers, local network. DD-WRT

Hum, I'd search for 'wifi at camp xxx reviews', and call the camp and talk
to them about what has worked for other campers. You might find someone
with a longterm campsite to hook up with.
I would as a plan b bring a long usb teather cable for my cell  and share
the connection with my laptop via wifi or route through it to a router.
Hum and a ziplock for the phone ;)
And have a plan c...not network games... some movies on disc/hd...a book.
All those wireless hops may add alot of latency.
An ipad with cellular prepaid (as it comes out of the apple store) can all
be used as a bubble and you only need to pay for that month. there is no
contract.  This verizon jetpack is $80, and the plan is pre-paid.
The packages for dd-wrt have pretty much all the net stuff youd use on a
linux box.
I have one of these yagi  outdoor pole mountable 25" yagi from amazon
I am just getting a new router set up and for noe just point the yagi to
the area outside where I need it at the time.

If you get a good line of site to your camp with the N router as bridge you
might just connect your devices to it directly and leave the G out of the
picture...I think it might degrade things if your devices do N.
I haven't, but I'm interested in your results.  I also go camping and have
had to resort to getting a mifi which has a 10GB limit and I often go over.
 if there was a way to do what you're doing and limit my mifi use, I'd be
interested.  I'd also be interested to see if someone could accomplish with
a Raspberry Pi.


On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 8:38 AM, <markw at> wrote:

> Here's the scenario:
> I like to go camping and often times they provide wireless access, but the
> camp site is often pretty far away from the wireless access point. I have
> a long distance wireless-G router with a high gain antenna. I have a
> second wireless-N router. Both routers are running DD-WRT.
> I should be able to connect to the camp ground's wireless with the high
> gain antenna using the Wireless-G router with a DHCP assign IP address. I
> should then be able to NAT to my own local subnet and be able to connect
> the Wireless-N to my local subnet and provide access to phones, tablets,
> and laptops.
> If these were standard linux boxes, this would be fairly easy, but the
> standard tools don't seem available on DD-WRT's shell.
> Has anyone done this? Got a good link? (I have googled, but the examples
> I've found aren't quite right or don't really work.)
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