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[Discuss] lots of OLD Sparc & UltraSparc equipment available

As far as I can recall, they all worked before I "retired" them to my
There are:

2 Ultra 5s
1 Ultra 10
1 Ultra 80
2 Sparcstation 5s
Motherboard/CPU module for what I believe was an Ultra 5  (I discarded the
case to save space).
Some old Sun external SCSI hard drives (same age as Sparc 5s)
Misc. Sun mice/keyboards/video cables/etc.

I would like to get rid of all of them at one time if possible.
Available in Cambridge.

Bill Bogstad

P.S.  They are probably best for parts rather then as whole systems.
Chances are that if
you have any interest in them at all, it is to keep your current collection
running so this
probably won't be a problem.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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