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[Discuss] firewalld

Hello all... (again...)

Well, as I trudge down my upgrade to rhel 7, I'm now trying to fully
understand firewalld. The bit which has me a bit confused with the
documentation is the zone bit. rhel 7 comes with a bunch of predefined
zones. What I'm thinking is that each one of these zones is a particular
firewall setup and then you assign a network interface to a zone. So if
I have 3 NIC cards on my computer, running on 3 different networks, by
assigning each of the NIC cards to different zones gives each NIC card
that particular firewall configuration as defined by the zone. So if I
want to setup my own configuration for one of my NIC cards, which is
completely unique, I then have to create a new zone, and assign the NIC
card to that zone. What I can't do (I believe) is assign a NIC card to a
zone, then and and extra port which would be just specific to that NIC
card. Correct?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers. Steve.

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