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[Discuss] Wireless devices, 2 Wireless Routers, local network. DD-WRT

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 3:28 PM, Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at>

> On 8/27/2014 3:06 PM, Bill Bogstad wrote:
> > Even better you could just connect two of the LAN ports togther
> > (either with a crossover cable or if auto-MIDX is supported on either
> > router that might work as well.
> Um... Bill? That's what DD-WRT's Repeater Bridge does albeit over 802.11
> instead of 802.3.
> Admittedly, I made the assumption that a wired connection between access
> points did not make sense under the circumstances. If a wired connection
> is indicated then I would wire as you suggest to avoid double NAT.

It's hard to discuss this without diagrams.   I would prefer

"camp" <-- wireless --> G router <-- wired --> N router <-- wireless ->
local clients


"camp" <-- wireless --> G router <-- wireless --> N router <-- wireless ->
local clients

in order to conserve local wireless bandwidth in the vicinity of the G & N
routers.   With three different wireless connections, you can't avoid band
conflict when there are only
two bands.   Now you can proactively control the actual channels used for
the G to N and N to client wireless networks to avoid overlap, but I still
prefer wired as it requires less active management.

Now maybe, you are suggesting something else.  Perhaps,

"camp" <-- wireless -->  G router <-- wireless --> local clients

It sounded though like he wanted to use both the hi-gain antennas on his G
router as
well as the higher bandwidth for local connections of his N router.   If
that is truly the case
then I stand by my suggestion to make the G to N connection wired (if

Bill Bogstad

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