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[Discuss] to swap or not swap

Stephen Adler <adler at> writes:

> Thanks for the discussion. The question, which seems to have gotten lost
> in the original e-mail was that I have a system with 128Gigs of memory
> and I added 32Gigs of swap just because I've always added some swap to
> any system I configure. (It's like brushing your teeth in the morning,
> you just do it...) But with 128Gigs, which is the largest amount of
> memory I've worked with in any system, it dawned on me that perhaps I
> don't need any swap.... So, to swap or not to swap was the question.

Yes, you should always have at least *some* swap, even if it's just
512M-1G, in order to swap out dead/dying/zombie processes.

> thanks.


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