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[Discuss] How do I add entropy?

... other than by asking a question that some will think should be researched 
on-line? ;-)

With the key signing coming up, I set out to generate a brand new, 4096-bit 
RSA key. 

However, GPG says I need more entropy, and suggests I do other things on the 
system to get it. Google wasn't helpful: I don't know if the solutions 
proposed (copy /dev/random to /dev/null, for example) will remove more entropy 
than they add. 

So, my questions:

1. What can I do to help it along, without degrading the quality or quantity 
of randomness my machine has on file right now?

2. Does "doing other things" on the system contribute to the entropy pool? In 
other words, does Linux acquire randomness by monitoring the time between 
keystrokes or mouse movements or similar "normal" events? In other words,  how 
does Linux gather entropy for the use of applications such as GPG? 

Thanks for your help.


Bill Horne
William Warren Consulting

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