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[Discuss] mail config


On my path to a well administered home server system, I'm now down in 
the weeks of mail configuration. I'm using postfix since it seems to be 
the better alternative to sendmail.

the configuration I have is basically a server which has a static IP 
address on the Internet. And behind the server is my local network I have in my house. My desktop sits on the network, while my basement server has two interfaces, one 
to the network and the other sits on the wide open internet.

I've got my mail server set up OK on the basement server, but its my 
office desktop that's the issue. When I e-mail myself from any account 
on my office desktop, (I use as my e-mail service), luxsci 
bounces the message because there is no AAAA record for my local desktop 
host/domain name. I can set up postfix so that it will put (my basement server) as the domain from which the 
e-mail came, but when I read my e-mail, I can't tell if the e-mail 
originated from my desktop of my basement server.

So, is there a way to keep the "to" field with the host name of my 
office desktop and somehow tell luxsci mail servers that my e-mail came 
from my basement server (

Or perhaps the better question to ask is what's the standard or most 
common way of setting up postfix on a system which sits behind a NAT 

thanks. Steve.

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