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[Discuss] Personal finance software on Linux

On 09/20/2014 12:47 PM, Daniel Barrett wrote:
> Money is kind of important so I recommend throwing FOSS allegiences
> aside for this one. :-) Likewise for taxes (I run TurboTax in that
> same VM).

freedom is also important, but we each decide our own priorities. i have 
been quite happy with gnucash for almost decades. i have very simple 
requirements, though. i glance through the release notes for gnucash and 
there seems to be many new features that it keeps adding [most likely 
prompted by quicken], but i don't use them. each situation is probably 
going to be different.

for taxes, again, i have a simple situation of one income from one 
employer. but my solution has been to use the paper forms. as a web 
programmer, i just don't trust the other end ... of course, i'm probably 
in no better situation regarding privacy; nonetheless, there is 
something satisfying about using an outdated method to interact with a 
huge bureaucracy, but i think it has little to do with the technologies 
involved ...

\js : sentient being

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