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[Discuss] Home security & automation

On Monday, September 22, 2014 10:07:51 AM you wrote:
> On September 22, 2014, Bill Horne wrote:
> > 2. Every "home monitoring" system that's sold to civilians can be
> > 
> >    disabled in seconds with a pair of wire cutters. Anyone who has
> >    spent time in prison knows this trick: even amateurs will take the
> >    phone off the hook and dial a nonsensical number, to disable
> >    old-school burglar alarms which are tied to the phone line.
> These days, home monitoring companies offer cellular-based backup
> systems that kick in if the phone line is busy or disabled. As long as
> the thief doesn't wrap your house in aluminum foil....
> --
> Dan Barrett
> dbarrett at

Sorry, that's not a secure practice:

... and I mentioned WiMax and Satellite Internet only because it's a lot 
harder to interfere with them than to jam a cellphone.


Bill Horne
William Warren Consulting

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