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[Discuss] raid controller drivers

Hey guys,

In my ongoing saga of endless reconfiguration of my desktop... in
today's episode, I've added an intel SAS controller and connected it up
to the SAS back plane (SAS743TQ) of my supermicro stand up server box
that I use as my desktop at work. Well, my system doesn't boot and
believe the issue is that the boot kernel or boot image, does not have
the intel SAS raid controller driver built in. So after grub grabs the
boot image it can't access the boot drives because it lacks the driver.

When I boot using the rhel7 rescue mode from the DVD installation disk,
I notice that at the very start of the boot sequence, there are some
messages which indicate the kernel is initializing the raid controller.
After which the rescue mode succeeds in bring up all the disks connected
to my new intel SAS raid controller card. But when I boot fedora 20 from
a disk connected to my new SAS controller card, it just hangs right at
the beginning of the boot sequence.

So I've jury rigged my system so that two of the 8 ports on the SAS back
plane are connected to a SATA controller and the system boots fine,
pulls in the intel SAS raid controller driver and then picks up the rest
of the disks on the back plane.

OK... so my question is, how do I configure the boot image to force it
to include the SAS raid controller driver so I can boot from a disk
connected to it?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers. Steve.

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