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[Discuss] Home security & automation

Alarm systems can be good.  But if the thief is gone before the cops get
there and they don't have a good idea of who they are looking for.

I use several cameras (some in plain sight as a deterrent) and some less
viable.  They are wireless IP cameras the can stream to a server, also FTP
and email photos.  I also use a free android app to view six cameras.   I
my place is robbed I would much rather say to the cops "The person(s) that
took my stuff look like this." than yes my place was robbed at 4:24PM,
that's when the alarm went off.  (I have one camera at each door to my
house, because it is likely the bad guys will check the doors before coming
in and I will have a great shot of them.)

Because the FTP and emails are sent off site, they are not accessible to
the bad guys.

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