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[Discuss] Monitoring your AWS instances

We use Nagios and nrpe with a pretty standard monitoring setup.  We also
pull in cloudwatch data via python goto scripts.

As for the uptick I would avoid making any changes until after the AWS
maintenance.  We have also noticed an uptick in alerts,though not to that

However just because your systems are not directly effected the increased
activity due to others replacing systems, as well as what ever amazon is
actually doing on the back end, means everyone will be effected to some
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> I am aware of that - but they say less than 10% of their systems will be
> affected, and "Customers who aren't sure if they are impacted should go to
> the "Events" page on the EC2 console, which will list any pending instance
> reboots for their AWS account."
> None of our systems are supposed to be impacted, and indeed, none of them
> have been rebooting.
> The best I can tell, we're supposed to be unaffected, but the fragile
> network is buckling and straining under the load, and causing rolling
> network outages.
> I mentioned before, that during the last several months (May or so) we've
> seen enormous variability in Amazon network performance...  Sometimes you
> download or upload a file and it goes 30Mbit/sec, sometimes 15KB/sec.  And
> it varies from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.
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