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[Discuss] iGuardian "enterprise-grade" home router

Richard Pieri wrote:
> On paper, based on RAM capacity, I figure the iGuardian box will run out
> of memory and crash much sooner than the Edgemax device.

Were you able to find a RAM spec for the iGuardian? Their site seemed
pretty light on details.

If I recall correctly, the Ubiquity products all have full spec sheets.
I'd compare the iGuardian to the Edgemax EdgeRouter Lite. It has a CPU
with hardware acceleration too, but the objective was moving TCP packets
fast, not necessarily deep packet inspection, so it may lack things like
regular expression acceleration that the iGuardian CPU might have.
Unfortunately with out digging much deeper or putting them both to the
test, I can only speculate.

The other question to ask about iGuardian is where are they sourcing
their signatures? Are they merely passing them on from the commercial
entity maintaining SNORT (apparently acquired by Cisco)? Using a freely
accessible upstream source and packaging it up for the convenience of
their customers? Or are they building rules in-house?


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