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[Discuss] Server/laptop full-disk encryption

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Rich Braun
> Following a recent burglary, in which a laptop was stolen, I want to go
> through my systems and protect them with full-disk encryption.

Based on your post, it sounds like you are only interested in linux, right?

The first of the 2 obvious solutions would be:  during User creation, simply click the checkbox that says "encrypt home directory."  Most likely the key is randomly generated, and stored encrypted by your password.  (But don't quote me).

The second obvious solution would be:  During OS installation, there's a checkbox to enable whole disk encryption.  It's literally just a checkbox and a password field.  This would require you to enter 2 passwords when you boot up:  First one to unlock the hard drive, and second one to login as yourself.
You could also get a self-encrypting disk (assuming your BIOS supports it).  The outcome is basically the same as above - First one password to power on the laptop, and then another password to login as yourself.

In linux, I'm not aware of any product that does whole disk encryption without needing a power-on password.  In windows, Bitlocker uses the TPM to ensure the OS gets booted untampered, and then your user logon password and OS security are used to prevent unauthorized access.  This is truly great to protect against thugs and laptop thieves.

I would suggest searching for Linux TPM to see if you can find anything positive there.  I figure most likely some products probably exist.

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