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[Discuss] CipherShed: TrueCrypt fork

Richard Pieri wrote:
> There is a clever SED attack: hotplug. If you disconnect the SATA data
> cable without disconnecting power then you can plug the drive into a
> different host and the data will be readable. This is easily foiled
> simply by turning off the computer when physical security is low.

Or for $2 you get a mercury switch and glue it to the inside of the
access door that would have to be removed to access the drive. Wire the
switch to the motherboard reset button. Any attempt to move the computer
or open the panel will be likely to trip the reset and reboot the machine.

Of course if you live in an area prone to earth quakes, you just built a
computer guaranteed to reboot on tremors. :-)

(A simpler plunger switch could also be used on the access door, which
avoids the earthquake problem. But it might actually be harder to mount,
depending on the enclosure.)

(I use mercury switches to protect some stationary, but movable
equipment. The switch is wired to a wireless alarm sensor in a closed
loop fashion. Cut the wires and you trip the alarm. Move the object and
you trip the alarm.)


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