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[Discuss] vz outgoing mail

On October 1, 2014, Matthew Gillen wrote:
>I finally had the problem someone else had a little while back where
>verizon's outgoing relay stopped working.  Took a little fiddling to get
>it working; I believe the OP in that thread was using postfix.  If you
>need to get sendmail going using a similar solution, check out the last
>post in this thread:

The OP was me -- thank you very much, Matt.

My Verizon problem, which is still ongoing, appears to be a bit
different.  After some investigation, I've found that Verizon's SMTP
server,, is rejecting my authentication credentials,
even though Verizon webmail accepts them.

(I confirmed this with Thunderbird connecting to,
removing postfix from the equation. Then as a double-check, I used
telnet to port 465 of, presented my credentials by
hand -- properly encrypted -- and it rejected the password.)

The weird part is:

(1) My credentials are correct, in that they authenticate correctly to
the Verizon webmail server... but not to

(2) Changing my Verizon password doesn't help. It updates for webmail,
but still gets rejected by

At this point, I can only guess that is out of sync
with Verizon's other systems regarding my account. Next time I have a
few free hours to waste, I'll try to work it out with Verizon support

Dan Barrett
dbarrett at

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