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[Discuss] code for hacked USB drive (BadUSB) released on Github

On 10/6/2014 11:13 AM, Drew Van Zandt wrote:
> It is, however, not difficult to have a USB device reset itself and then
> change its answer when re-initialized.

USB doesn't work that way. Neither does BadUSB. If you flash a BadUSB
custom firmware to a USB device then that device becomes what you flash
it to be. If you flash it as an HID payload injector then it is a human
interface device regardless of what it was when it was assembled at the

Rubber Ducky is a different thing entirely. It's actually a full
computer on a thumb-sized circuit board. As such it runs a software
stack that can emulate different device classes and present virtual mass
storage devices to hosts. The same thing that Android devices do.

Rich P.

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