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[Discuss] Thunderbolt extension cable for TBD?

On 10/7/2014 9:44 AM, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> I looked for thunderbolt hubs (like a USB hub) to possibly buy more
> thunderbolt cables and use the hub as a signal repeater, but no hubs
> exist.

And never will. Thunderbolt is a daisy chain bus like Firewire.

Male to female Thunderbolt extension cables don't exist and never will.
The active signaling mechanism used within the cables themselves does
not permit it.

Thunderbolt is limited to six devices in a chain including the host.

It is be possible to create a Thunderbolt null device that acts as an
extension but it would be a Thunderbolt device and it would count
against the six device limit.

There are Thunderbolt (F) to mini-DisplayPort (M) cables available but
given Thunderbolt's topology you can have only one of them and it must
be the last device on the bus chain.

Rich P.

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