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[Discuss] Thunderbolt extension cable for TBD?

The NewEgg cables won't help with the Apple Thunderbolt displays
because the cable is built-in; you can't replace it with another one.
I can see how you would attach four displays: one on the left
daisy-chained to a second display, and one on the right daisy-chained
to a second.

But where would the remaining two displays go, unless you built a
special desk so you could elevate some of the displays? Perhaps the
best arrangement would be a desk with a long elevated shelf; three of
the monitors would be at the base level and the other three would be
above them. You would have one in front of the system unit and one to
each side, connected to a Thunderbolt port, and the three on the shelf
would be chained to the ones below them. I think that arrangement of
displays would work within the limitations of the attached cables of
the displays.

One catch: that would use up all your Thunderbolt connectivity. Adding
other Thunderbolt peripherals such as external disk drives would not
be possible. But you could hook up USB 3 drives, which wouldn't be
quite as fast but are probably good enough for most purposes.

The Apple Thunderbolt display isn't compatible with VESA mounts so you
can't put some of them on wall mounts or arms.

On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 1:57 PM, Bob Dunphy <bob at> wrote:
> NewEgg has a 3 meter cable....Not inexpensive @ $53
> Does that help?
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