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My name is Patrick Sullivan I am a Recruiter with Complete Staffing
Solutions, we have 4 openings for Infrastructure Engineers.  The client is
looking for Senior Unix/ Linux Administrators who are ready to take the next
step into an Infrastructure or DevOps Engineering role.  The ideal candidate
will have 5-7 years of experience with a natural progression towards this
type of role.  The client is in the travel industry developing a new on-line
booking application, they are growing rapidly and looking for great people
to the get their company top the next level. The client is located in
Woburn, MA. These roles are ideally permanent with the salary range of
$110-130K/Year.  However the client is flexible and is open to long term
contracts with the pay rates of $65-$85/Hour depending on experience.  The
start dates for these positions are immediate, the client is flexible due to
notices and prior commitments.  Here is the description of what the client
is looking for:


- Strong Unix skills, with some system admin experience

- Strong experience with Sysops for example the day-to-day running of a

- Exposure to the various issues experienced in a modern data-center:
access, user directories, monitoring, logging

- Experience with virtualization (Xen,Vmware,Amazon,Cloudstack)

- Exposure to, and preferably hands-on experience with, DevOps i.e. modern
tools & technologies related to data-center operations,

- Exposure to the hardware tier, the setup, the maintenance, the hookup to

- Experience with basic networking, load-balance appliances and

- Experience with basic security and firewalls

- Exposure to a full Java stack i.e.Apache/nginx, tomcat/glassfish,
application, oracle/mysql


Additionally, experience or skills with the following are desirable:

- Experience building a co-lo data-center

- Hands-on experience with Cloudstack

- Expert level networking experience

 -Expert level security experience (intrusion monitoring, tools, firewall
rules etc. etc.)


Contact me if you are interested





Patrick Sullivan

Technical Recruiter

Complete Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Voice: 857-317-4110 Ext 204

Mobile: 978-495-2229

 <mailto:psullivan at>
psullivan at


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