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[Discuss] Password app

Here is my password app for Linux. It's free. :-)

1. Create a text file with three columns: username, password, and any
notes you want to add. Use a single tab character as a column separator.

2. Encrypt the file with GnuPG.

3. Write a script to run "gpg -d | grep -i" on your encrypted file to
locate matching lines. (So any command-line arg can be a search key.)
Use /usr/bin/cut to extract the first column and pipe it to "xclip
-selection clipboard", and the second column to "xclip -selection

4. Run the script with any arguments as search keys:

   $ myscript

5. Now, "right-click + Paste" will paste your username, and middle
mouse button will paste your password.

6. If you get tired of typing your passphrase over and over, use
gpg-agent or similar.

Here's my script, which also echoes the username and notes (third
column) on screen. Enjoy, modify, share, etc. Public domain.

------------8<----------------- cut here ----------------8<------------------
if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ]
  echo "$0: no DISPLAY, cannot use xclip"
  exit 1


lines=`gpg -d "$PASSFILE" | /bin/grep -i "$@"`
count=`echo "$lines" | wc -l`
if [ $count -eq 1 ]
  username=`echo -n "$lines" | cut -f1`
  password=`echo -n "$lines" | cut -f2`
  notes=`echo -n "$lines" | cut -f3`
  echo "Username = $username"
  echo "$notes"
  echo "Password is in clipboard"
  echo -n "$password" | xclip -selection primary
  echo -n "$username" | xclip -selection clipboard
  echo "$count lines found - multiple matches - try again"
------------8<----------------- cut here ----------------8<------------------

Dan Barrett
dbarrett at

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