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[Discuss] PC Build

My 13-yr-old wants to build a PC and came up with a parts list.

He's big into playing and hosting Minecraft, plus creating Minecraft
graphics customizations with blender and gimp.  He currently uses a
chromebook, plus crouton for a chrooted Ubuntu.  (The minecraft _server_ is
on another host in a VM -- not on the chromebook.)  Although the chromebook
is good for portability, it's not very powerful when it comes to 3d
rendering in blender.  And actually, he broke it (he is a 13 yo boy).  So
he wants to upgrade to a "entry-level" gamer system using his own money.

I put his list at and also referenced a
system build that the blogger "Canton Matt" (Peteris Krumins) put
together.  There are also a short list of the resources I've found for
compatibility checking.

I hardly know anything about hardware and mostly buy from newegg or
tigerdirect.  It's been years since I built my first linux box from
scratch.  Any comments, advice from regular or recent builders?


Greg Rundlett

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