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[Discuss] small toy trade?

Hi all,

I have an iPod and a Netgear Zing.  I?m bored of them.  Anybody want to trade for a toy(s) you don?t want anymore let me know.  I don?t really care what.  Just something interesting.  If nobody wants them I?ll just put it on craigslist or something.  I take exceptionally good care of my electronics.

1.  A like new yellow 16GB iPod Touch  $199

I used this on the redline to watch podcasts while on a brief contract.  Nice little device.  Liked it so much got a couple for younger family members.  If they didn?t already have one I would give them this.

2.  A like new Netgear Zing  $164

The Zing is fantastic.  In Quincy the signal was so fast and strong I could play first person shooters.  Really, I played TF2 on this for two months.  The signal was so good I never purchased the two extension antennas.

Contact me off list if interested.


Eric Chadbourne

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