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[Discuss] memory management

Dan Ritter <dsr at> writes:
> - Firefox is a memory hog. (So is Chrome.)
> - All Java apps are memory hogs, but especially Eclipse

Which caused me puzzlement at the last BLU meeting.  How has it come to
be that some scientific software is written in Java?

> - Open less stuff in Firefox. Especially, run an ad blocker like
>   uBlock Origin, and don't load Flash at all.

Being selective about what javascript gets to run helps a lot too. The
most popular plugin for this is noscript I think, but see a recent
thread here for other options.

You could also stop using the web as much. Sometimes there are
alternatives: e.g. mailing list announcements instead of Meetup site,
mailing list or usenet group instead of web discussion forum, gopher or
telnet weather forecasts instead of web site with same info.  That's
more advice for < 512 MB, but there are other advantages to these
methods if you give them a chance.

4.0 GB seems like a large amount of memory to me. It's way more than 
I have a use for.

Mike Small
smallm at

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