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[Discuss] A laptop for Linux

Hello all,

I need you people to recommend a good and stable laptop that would be
able to run Linux for my school coursework.

I am tired with the Lenovo systems and the various issues that keep
coming up.  (I have tried on the yoga 2, the flex and the Y series).

Does anyone own one of the System 76 machines?  If yes, can anyone
share the long term reviews?

I have a budget of close to 1000$.  I currently run a Yoga 2 13 as my
daily system and use Linux on an old and retired Dell optiplex system
that my uncle gave me while he was cleaning his office.  I generally
SSH into that system when I am working remotely, but the problem is
that the Dell optiplex is dying a slow and painful death.

My distros of choice are the Ubuntu - Mate edition and Arch Linux.
8 GB od memory and atleast 256 GB of HDD space is what I am looking for.

Thanks and best regards,

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes"
                                          - Obi Wan Kenobi

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