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[Discuss] large log file transfer

>From memory, so there might be a typo or two 

Often gzip will reduce logfiles greatly in size. for that, all you need is: 

gzip -9 logfile.ext 

transfer: logfile.ext.gz 

on receiving end: 

gzip -d logfile.ext.gz 

Assuming you actually need to transfer in small chunks: 

split -10 logfile.ext logfilesplit 
for f in logfilesplit* ; do 
gzip -9 $f 

transfer: logfilesplit*.gz 

On the receiving end: 

for f in logfilesplit*.gz ; do 
gzip -d $f 

cat logfilesplit* > logfile.ext 

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Subject: [Discuss] large log file transfer 

I have a log file (325MB) that I need to transfer from a restricted 
network, that I cannot plug a USB into. 

Is there an easy way to "split up" the log file into smaller chunks and Zip 
it to get it over the net? 


John Malloy 
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