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[Discuss] large log file transfer

John Malloy <jomalloy at> writes:

> I have a log file (325MB)  that I need to transfer from a restricted
> network, that I cannot plug a USB into.
> Is there an easy way to "split up" the log file into smaller chunks and Zip
> it to get it over the net?

So Jerry and Jack have pointed you to split, but why do you want to
split it into chunks?

I must admit I've not dealt with any networks lately that I couldn't
reliably download a 300 MB file on, but is it not still possible to
resume interrupted transfers?  Are you using vanilla ftp, http or scp?

If you're using scp, I'd be inclined not to zip it but to use ssh's
compression so when it finally does arrive I wouldn't have to unzip and
then again find something else to do while that happens. But I guess scp
doesn't support resume (hmmm, maybe ssh dd and adjust the offset based
on the file size after the failure? -- perhaps that's more trouble than

By "restricted network" do you mean that rsync is not an option?

Mike Small
smallm at

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