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[Discuss] Mr Robot

> From: Discuss [ at] On
> Behalf Of Eric Chadbourne
> > There was nothing insulting in any of what I said
> Really?
> "...It's nothing more than willful, sheepish ignorance, akin to blindly accepting
> all the Terms of Service on every app..."
> That was your response right at the top.  Look at the facts, read the email,
> see who started.  It was clearly you.

Seems pointless to respond any further, but yeah. If you say that criminals and the CIA don't use coercive rubber hose tactics against people saying and doing things they don't like, yes that's willful ignorance. No it's not an insult for me to say so. "Willful ignorance" is simply a term that means you choose to ignore something you don't like. Sheepish means you're going along with the crowd. The same thought pattern that leads people to blindly accepting Terms of Service.

No, those are not insults. If there's anything interesting to talk about further, let's do that.

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