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[Discuss] how much can i use a smartphone as a computer?

Sorry, meant to reply to the list. 2nd try.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 6:19 PM, Mike Small <smallm at> wrote:
> And what about the talking, meaning the voice quality? I'm finding
> numerous people lately have cellphones with horrible voice quality. One
> in particular recently went Verizon + Iphone and she's almost
> impossible to understand much of the time. I'm assuming this isn't
> my phone or network since I have clear voice with other people,
> particularly my family in Canada, who tend to use landlines. It
> makes me hesitant to get a new phone, even beyond my policy of
> not changing electronics while the old units still function
> adequately for their main purposes.
> Does it tend to be the network or the device that leads to bad voice
> quality? Or could it be less regular things like the tower she
> happens to be near or the configuration of buildings around hers?
> Or does it hurt to cross networks? Come to think of it another
> person I couldn't stand talking to had verizon (and I do not).

If it's only the one person, it might not be the phone. My daughter
likes to put her phone on speaker and then do other stuff while she
talks. It sounds like she's breaking up in a tunnel, plus she fades in
and out when she walks away or looks away from the phone.

FWIW, she does have Verizon ;-)

Ted Ruegsegger

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