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[Discuss] some people help too much

Short funny story.

They other day I was setting up a router and in the docs it said to go to (don't click here) 'http://sprinthotspot'.  No ending.  The router I suppose then shows you the config page.  But my browser, in this case Safari, automatically appended a .com or something which sent me to an attack site.  Said I needed to update flash via an exe.  That's funny as the exe won't run and I don't have flash to update.  Nevertheless it looked almost legit and I bet a lot of normal users would get owned.  I did a virus scan on the mac and found a little something in temp that I removed.

Sprint helped too much by trying to use something easy to read instead of just the router ip and my browser helped to much by trying to fix the url.

When ever I start to feel bad about my work not being good enough I just think about the stupid stuff these big companies do.

- Eric C

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