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[Discuss] Cloud-backup solutions for Linux?

What do you use for offsite backup?

Here's why I ask: For a few years I've been using CrashPlan as my primary
backup, and rsnapshot as a secondary.

About once a year, it seems, CrashPlan does something troubling and it's
always felt like Linux takes a back-seat to their Windows and Mac platform.

My CrashPlan setup failed again 48 hours ago, with a difficult-to-resolve
auto-update that messed up its omnibus-installed Java JRE.  Upon a fresh
reinstallation the UI fails to start and I get peer-auth problems in logs.

Enough's enough but I haven't found an alternative to spending a couple days
of debugging busted CrashPlan, er, crap whenever this happens.

BackBlaze still won't do Linux. CrashPlan has clearly invested the most effort
into defining a useful system, but I'm ready to consider one of the others if
any of y'all have had positive experiences elsewhere.


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