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[Discuss] Cloud-backup solutions for Linux?

On 09/29/2015 10:28 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
>> From: Bill Bogstad [mailto:bogstad at]
>> While some OSes/filesystems handle power interruption well at this
>> point, it seems to me that there are lots of apps/servers which do not
>> and which people still need to use.   Particularly in a VM environment
>> where you might be running legacy OS/app combinations because you
>> can't replace them, it seems to me that suggesting this method as a
>> generic way to backup VMs is not really appropriate.   Sure we should
>> all replace our old software systems with ones that use transactions
>> to protect against this kind of failure, but I don't think we are
>> there yet.
> I haven't seen an OS, Filesystem, or a daemon, it at least 15 years, that couldn't gracefully survive a power interruption. Except ownCloud.  ;-)

Not a power failure, but twice in the last 6 months I had a random
reboot that left me unable to mount my root btrfs partition until I
booted into a live CD to run 'btrfs check'.

I've been trying out using subvolumes instead of partitions, but next
reinstall I'm going back to ext4.

I suppose it's possible that it was the btrfs error that caused the
random reboot, not the other way around, but that's hardly better.


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