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[Discuss] systemd explanations

IngeGNUe <ingegnue at> writes:
> For everything else, GuixSD isn't running systemd so maybe that's worth
> a look :)

I've been keen to try it out again since David's talk but still haven't
gotten around to it. Hopefully this weekend I'll finally get a
Slackware/Guix system going, i.e. start using Guix on my existing
Slackware. But then Slackware's coming out with a new release soon,
which will bring its package selection back into relative modernity.
Heck, they even have pulseaudio now. So the timing for trying Guix may
not be right just yet, at least in terms of using it as a tool to get
a fresher selection of packages.

Still, I'm quite excited about Guix and GuixSD, not because the latter
doesn't run systemd (whatever that is), or because it's more Unixy
(quite the opposite), but because of the Scheme. After years of liking
OpenBSD best, for some strange reason -- maybe an allergic reaction to
all the anti-GNU, anti-GPL, and anti-rms sentiment on BSD mailing lists
and podcasts -- I'd like to try a system with a really strong GNU
flavour to it (beyond emacs).  To have that with guile/scheme as the
primary scripting language, and in a defacto way rather than only as a
statement in a coding standard, that would be very interesting.  Just so
long as this Scheme love doesn't translate into Perl hate. I can't abide
another community rife with Perl bashing.

Mike Small
smallm at

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