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[Discuss] How to write .htaccess rules

A few thoughts. You may need to have loaded mod rewrite in your main apache
server configuration. Look up mod rewrite.
I would put this in the virtual server configuration not in an htaccess
Unless it's required to propagate the ability to set server directives to
authorized users or have many settings that vary by directory I disable
htaccess files all together and keep server settings in one place.
You also might want to search for http 301 error, which may be appropriate
as well and may not use mod rewrite.
Finally rather than explain i Suggest that the default  default be the home
page of the new site for now. Be sure a general rule is not overriding a
more specific rule.
Finally, I'd search "wordpress to drupal migration mod rewrite", which i
have not done yet on your behalf.
John Hall

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 1:07 PM, Laura Conrad <lconrad at> wrote:

> Can someone point me to a good explanation of this?  I've found some
> that look understandable, but my rule still doesn't work.
> My problem is that I rewrote a wordpress site into drupal, and I would
> like old links to some pages on the old wordpress site to translate to the
> equivalent page on the new drupal site.
> For instance, the page
> <> should now
> be <>.
> My attempt at this rule is:
> RewriteRule wordpress/?page_id=20&id=([0-9]+) "
> http://serpent.serpentpublication
> Based on the log, I can see that apache is definitely seeing this rule,
> but it isn't for some reason serving the drupal page.  Before I switched
> the site over, I managed to get a rule that sent all wordpress pages to
> a page that redirects to the home page of the drupal site, so people
> aren't stuck with just an error, but I want them to get the current
> version of the page they were looking for.
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