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[Discuss] Apple FUD?

On 4/3/2016 4:43 PM, John Hall wrote:
> ?But it seems that such edits would have to be more unlucky than simply 
> careless. I suppose the automounter needs it's context directory...and no 
> collisions, but I'm not following how *adding* an NTFS volume as read/write 
> instead of read only would accomplish that.

Enabling NTFS read-write on Macintosh entails overriding the default
automount behavior by intentionally creating a conflict. Done correctly,
it allows the volume to be automounted, but a consequence is that the
volume icon does not appear on the Desktop or in Finder.

The hack depends on the volume name. It's very much like LABEL=name in a
Linux fstab. If you have multiple volumes with the same name but
different file systems then you will have problems mounting the non-NTFS

Rich P.

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