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[Discuss] Govt Source Code Policy

On Tue, 5 Apr 2016 16:01:39 -0400
"Greg Rundlett (freephile)" <greg at> wrote:

> It's WRONG that elections are not held on verifiable free software
> platforms.  

Richard Stallman disagrees with you. About a decade ago, I copied him
on a LUG thread about Free Software on voting machines. Stallman wrote
back that NO computer software, and therefore no computers, should
count votes, because any software can be tampered with. Voting and vote
counting should be done the same way as before computers were invented.

After giving it some thought, I agree with him. I come from Chicago, so
I know how easy it is to give President Kennedy 8000 extra paper ballot
votes. Heck, my great great great grandfather still votes several times
in every Chicago election. But compared to the
never-discovered corruption that can be done by hacking software,
ballot stuffing and hanging chad are minor inconveniences.


Steve Litt 
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