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[Discuss] Govt Source Code Policy

On Tue, Apr 05, 2016 at 04:01:39PM -0400, Greg Rundlett (freephile) wrote:
> I opened this discussion by proposing that not only should the US
> Government "open source" it's work, but that the BEST choice for licensing
> that work in a way that ensures public benefit is to use the principles of
> copyleft as enshrined in the GPL v3 license.  

And several of us argued with you that it isn't, and you take issue
with that.

> It's WRONG that elections are not held on verifiable free software
> platforms.

> It's WRONG that the US taxpayer spends about $82 billion a year
> collectively supporting private contractors for things like 'Census taking
> software'

Prove it.

Derek D. Martin   GPG Key ID: 0xDFBEAD02
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