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[Discuss] Govt Source Code Policy

On 4/7/2016 9:02 PM, Mike Small wrote:
> I was reading part 7 of GPLv3 while composing my previous message and saw
> exactly the opposite. Maybe you could quote what you're referring to.

Yup, I did miss it. Brane definitely not firing on all cylinders this
afternoon/evening. But...

> b) Requiring preservation of specified reasonable legal notices or
> author attributions in that material or in the Appropriate Legal Notices
> displayed by works containing it; or

What is "reasonable"? Who makes this determination? CC BY stipulates
that the licensor determines what must be kept in tact and how changes
must be marked.

> c) Prohibiting misrepresentation of the origin of that material, or
> requiring that modified versions of such material be marked in
> reasonable ways as different from the original version; or

Again the GPL has the ambiguous "reasonable" while CC BY is explicit.

Rich P.

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