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[Discuss] licensing: who freakin cares?

I write code.  Lots of it.  Enjoy it.  I don't give two poops about licensing.  As long as it's close to free I'm happy.  GPL is my fav.  BSD / MIT very close second.  But really, who cares?  Lawyers and manipulate managers?  The occasional radical?  (I <3 RMS even though he is disgusting in person)  Maybe a youth who hears the philosophy for the first time?  If you've been around for a few years this isn't even a topic.

My servers run full open source software (so I can fix them), my workstation is mostly proprietary (cause the boss likes it), and my home laptop is about half and half.  Folks on their religious high horse need to chill.  They hurt their cause cause they look like clowns IMHO.

I bet most of you really don't care.  I know most non-tech humans couldn't care less.


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