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[Discuss] Permission denied

There are special moments when you just have to thank your favorite
deity that Linux exists.

Today I was working on a Windows Server 2008 system, and I came across
a folder, C:\foo\bar, that I could not open.

The folder is on a local disk, and I'm a local administrator on the
server. And yet, I could not open the "bar" folder. "Permission
denied." And when I tried to change the ACLs on the folder, I also
got "Permission denied."

Moreover, when I created a second folder as a sibling, c:\foo\bar2, I
could not open the bar2 folder either. Note that I had just CREATED
the folder MYSELF... and did I mention that I'm an administrator?

The mind reels.

Thank you, Linux deities, for letting me be a true administrator.

$ mkdir dir
$ touch dir/myfile
$ chmod 000 dir
$ sudo ls dir

Dan Barrett
dbarrett at

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