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[Discuss] deadmanish login?

These passwords can be entertaining, and it is tempting to run the 
procedure more than once and pick an attractive output. Ah, beware: If 
you sort for passwords that are attractive you reduce the entropy: a 
cracker can maybe anticipate and so search "attractive" passwords first.

A little frustrating, some passwords I use frequently are cumbersome, 
not sexy like "premium-student-viking". The upside? Maybe I get an 
entropy credit for not being catchy.


On 02/02/2017 06:53 PM, Eric Chadbourne wrote:
> 04-premium-student-viking!
> -kb
> For amusement a while ago I was building dictionaries and playing with 
> wifi cracking.  Novice level.
> I'll whip up a script that has to be killed after login.  Kind of fun 
> special sauce on my server.  Thanks for the great info.
> - Eric
> My neighbors wifi pass was their phone number.

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