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[Discuss] How to permanently remove Linux package from installation

It wants to remove openbox, along with 15 other packages.

Cinnamon apparently doesn't require it, as I have that also installed
on a laptop (although 32-bit) and openbox is not installed on it.

 arc-theme                noarch    20161119-3.fc25      @updates         2.3 M
 cinnamon                 x86_64    3.2.8-9.fc25         @updates         7.6 M
 cinnamon-session         x86_64    3.2.0-1.fc25         @updates         989 k
 imsettings-cinnamon      x86_64    1.7.2-1.fc25         @@commandline    517 k
 mint-x-icons             noarch    1.4.0-2.fc25         @updates          95 M
 mint-y-icons             noarch    1.0.4-1.fc25         @updates          17 M
 openbox                  x86_64    3.6.1-2.fc24         @fedora          995 k
 python-beautifulsoup4    noarch    4.5.3-1.fc25         @updates         741 k
 python-html5lib          noarch    1:0.999-9.fc25       @@commandline    1.2 M
 python2-cssselect        noarch    0.9.2-1.fc25         @@commandline    158 k
 python2-inotify          noarch    0.9.6-6.fc25         @@commandline    264 k
 python2-lxml             x86_64    3.7.2-1.fc25         @updates         3.4 M
 tint2                    x86_64    0.12.12-1.fc25       @@commandline    1.2 M
 xawtv                    x86_64    3.103-8.fc24         @fedora          2.0 M
 xorg-x11-fonts-misc      noarch    7.5-16.fc24          @fedora          6.8 M
 zvbi                     x86_64    0.2.35-1.fc24        @fedora          1.3 M

On Sat, 04 Feb 2017 18:10:31 -0500
"Derek Atkins" <derek at> wrote:

> What happens when you "dnf erase .." the package?
> -derek
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> Subject: [Discuss] How to permanently remove Linux package from
> installation Date: Sat, Feb 4, 2017 5:55 PM
> Under Fedora, I previously tried out the LXDE desktop, then
> subsequently removed it. One of the packages it used, openbox,
> remained on the system and repeated attempts to remove this package,
> have not resulted in its permanent removal. I should note that
> openbox was never built for Fedora 25 and dnf installs the Fedora 24
> package.
> I located a couple of other LXDE-related packages that had remained on
> the system, once removed along with openbox, the package was not
> installed again through subsequent system updates. However today,
> openbox again became listed and dnf installed it again.
> Is there a Linux command of some sort that will display the
> dependencies of a particular package? I would like to find out exactly
> what openbox requires and if no other installed package(s) requires
> the same, the intent is to remove them along with openbox.
> Thank you.
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