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[Discuss] deadmanish login?

On 02/04/2017 12:55 PM, Daniel Barrett wrote:
> GnuPG.
> I store usernames, passwords, and site names in a 3-column,
> GnuPG-encrypted text file. To recall a password for a given host, I
> run a homebrew script that's more or less:
>    gpg -d mysecrets.gpg | grep <host>

There is a utility called "pass" that is effectively a shell-script 
around gpg to make the task of managing the passwords a little easier:

It uses git to keep track of password changes and you can use normal git 
push/pull to synchronize between multiple machines (if you so choose). 
It can either display your password in clear text or copy it to the 
clipboard for 45 seconds.

I just started playing around with it and I am considering switching to 
it from my homebrew setup (similar to what Dan describes above). Folks 
have a built a cross-platform GUI frontend (based on Qt), but I prefer 
the CLI approach.


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