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[Discuss] KVM, virt-manager, and CentOS7

On Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 11:40:28AM -0500, markw at wrote:
> Here's the problem with all this.
> 8 characters for a name. Yes, in a hypothetical sense you have
> 2.183401056?10^14 possible passwords if you use 8 ascii alpha/numeric
> characters with no punctuation characters, but the vast majority of that
> space are random strings not suitable for nicknames or meaningful
> identifiers. For instance, I can't see that any remaining meaningful
> permutations of "john smith" could possibly be left. How many email
> addresses do they assign a year? How many back-logged names did they
> create at first?

Let's call it 26^8 or so: 208 billion.

The real problem is the lack of human meaning and the fact that
names are usually longer than 8 characters.

How many do they assign a year? Roughly a freshman class worth,
plus maybe a hundred more? So 1200ish.

John Smith is out of luck. So is Elizabeth Jones. But still, they probably
have better options than "bb30256 at" -- the login I was
assigned so many years go, can still remember, and have absolutely no
use for.


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