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[Discuss] Yesterday's Cloudflare News and Online Password Managers...

On 03/05/2017 10:54 AM, John Byrnes wrote:
> On 02.24.17, Kent Borg wrote:
>> Did you know that some software has bugs? It's true!
> I'm shocked -- shocked! that you would make such an insinuation! ;-)

I just said "SOME software has bugs". Jeeze!

> I would say that the password manager you describe is still better than using
> the same lousy password for all of the online cat video enthusiast forums,
> newspaper commenting systems and other non-critical accounts.

It's almost reasonable to argue that almost any password manager is 
better than using the same password everywhere. will give a 
false sense of security. Give the impression "problem solved". 
Conventional wisdom has become "use a password" manager, suggesting that 
any old password manager is just great. Further reinforcing that idea: 
problem solved. Um, yes, problem solved, until you discover it isn't.


P.S. Reminds me of firewalls. (They did solve our network security 
problems. Didn't they? Cuz it sure was nice to be able to keep running 
insecure software everywhere on our networks without worry.)

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