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[Discuss] installfest

I'm sure somebody will be happy to give it a try. I'm going to attempt
to be there for part of the Installfest, and I'll help if we're there
at the same time. What is feasible depends on what kind of Chromebook
you have.

chrx is a tool for doing a native Linux install (including the kernel)
on a Chromebook, usually as a dual-boot along with ChromeOS. The
default distro it installs is GalliumOS, a derivative of Ubuntu that
is specifically designed for Chromebooks, but it's possible to install
some others. It works on most Intel-based Chromebooks, except for some
very early ones.

crouton is a tool for installing a Linux userspace alongside ChromeOS
in a chroot environment. The system still runs the ChromeOS kernel,
but you can run Linux applications in the chroot and switch back and
forth between the two desktops with a hotkey. It works on both Intel
and ARM Chromebooks and is the only currently supported way to have
Linux on an ARM Chromebook. It only works with Ubuntu but you can
install a variety of desktop managers; the default is Xfce as found in
Xubuntu. It still installs Precise (12.04) by default but I would
recommend installing Trusty (14.04) or Xenial (16.04) instead because
Precise is near the end of its support life. (Which will actually work
best may depend on the age of your Chromebook, which affects the
version of Linux kernel that comes with it.) If you have enough disk
space you can set up more than one chroot environment and experiment
with different versions of Ubuntu.

chrubuntu was a tool for installing native Linux on Chromebooks. It
worked with both Intel and ARM. But it was discontinued a couple of
years ago and it doesn't work with current distros, and probably also
not with some newer hardware. I don't recommend it.

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 4:55 PM, Billie Mulcahy <eubillie at> wrote:
> Can I get help installing ubuntu on my chromebook at installfest?
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